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Copenhaver & Associates, LLC remains the leading and renowned private investigation firm in Orlando, FL and has served clients for over twenty-five (25) years. Our firm dispatches private investigators with superior surveillance experience and skill-sets necessary to conduct a complete investigation. The private investigators from our firm are committed to providing clients with honest, vigorous, and diligent investigation.


Background Investigations

Divorce Related Research

Infidelity Surveillance

Child Custody Investigations


Criminal/Civil Investigations

Opposition Research

Locate Missing Persons

Skip-Trace/Locate People

Why Choose
Copenhaver & Associates?

No case is too big for our trusted investigators. We are ready to serve you.

Call us and explain the matter. We will either help you, or assist you in contacting the correct law enforcement agency or organization.

our investigators are former law enforcement officers?

The firm at Copenhaver & Associates is composed of private investigators, who were once law enforcement professionals, experienced in law enforcement and legal procedures. 

experienced in collecting Court admissible evidence

Since our firm utilizes experienced former law enforcement professionals, physical evidence or testimony is collected properly in order to be used as evidence in a civil or criminal court proceeding.

crisis management, vulnerability assessment, and assistance.

Our team of professionals, both investigators and staff, are experts in going over every detail for the purpose of evaluating and finding potential problems. After identifying the issues, you will be provided with solutions in your particular matter along with guidance every step of the way.

cases are referred to our firm because of trust and credibility.

After serving the Metro-Orlando area for over twenty-five (25) years and providing commentary for news outlets and crime documentary series, our firm receives referrals from attorneys and individuals alike. This is in addition to prior clients returning for more assistance. 

About James A. Copenhaver

copenhaver & associates, llc

     James A. Copenhaver is The Orlando Private Investigator. James was born and raised in Charleston, WV and moved to Orlando, FL as a teenager. James attended high school in Central Florida. After graduation, James had his sights and heart set on becoming a police officer. James met his goal and was employed by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office as a law enforcement officer; a deputy sheriff.