The Media Is Playing Chess With The Black Man As A Tool.
Jacob Blake was not a good person. Not only was he harassing a woman which is why the police were called, he had outstanding warrants, resisted arrest, fought with the police, and reached into his car while THREE CHILDREN were present thereby endangering their lives when the police opened fire (something they had to do because he could have been reaching for a weapon, a weapon he actually did have in the car). He is NOT a victim of anything but his own disregard for the law, law enforcement, and other human beings. The fact his family is now claiming he is a victim of racism shows me exactly why he turned out as badly as he did.

If one is going to protest against police brutality, at least pick a case which doesn’t involve justifiable homicide by a cop against a scumbag.
I can’t tell you the last time the media had a positive story. Everything these days is only relevant when a white cop shoots a black man. I’m so sick of thi…
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