Ex-officer charged in George Floyd’s death freed on $1M bond
One million dollar bail just doesn’t seem high enough to me! The entire world watched as then-officer Derek Chauvin put his knee on the neck of George Floyd, who he knew and had worked with at the same club, and he kept it there until Mr. Floyd took his last breath. George Floyd’s death should have never happened. It ignited a firestorm across this country with dozens of police killed, protestors killed, hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage, and set race relations back decades—sparked by the actions of this individual. Officer Chauvin has done more damage to law enforcement than any other person in our nation. For the life of me, I don’t understand why the progressive leadership of this city and state would allow him to walk. To me, bail should have been denied. Of course I agree that Derek Chauvin needs a fair and just trial, but it needs to be a speedy trial with swift justice—for the good of everyone. The incident was captured on video by multiple witnesses, and he obviously shouldn’t be walking free. I don’t know who gave the money for that million dollar bail, but that would be interesting to know, wouldn’t it? We have seen that there are some who would like nothing better than to fuel the fires of unrest in our nation again at this critical time.

Instead of defunding police departments, we should be designating more funding for better screening, better training, and additional staffing. There are some people who should never be allowed to wear a police uniform, and better screening and funding could help that process. We need to pray for our law enforcement across this nation.
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The former Minneapolis police officer charged with murder in the death of George Floyd posted bail Wednesday and was released from jail, leading Minnesota’s governor to activate…
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