For a property owner subletting, renting, hiring a worker or work-hand, or otherwise allowing someone to live or temporarily stay on a property which they own, a tenant check is highly recommended. The tenant screening will advise you of the tenant’s reliability, honesty, criminal history, and the element of danger existing while having the individual on your property or around you and your family. Today’s tenant, pre-employment, personal, and caregiver background checks allow businesses or individuals to determine someone’s character and quickly dismiss the individual from consideration if derogatory information is evident. Contact Copenhaver & Associates today for more details.

The Orlando-Florida Private Investigator will assist you in identifying trouble spots and then develop a game plan to rid the complex or housing unit of the problem people. Take charge of your property and we will assist you in making it a safe place to live, and rid the complex of Drug dealers and other criminal activity.

​This will also help reduce insurance claims for people who may become victims of the people involved in criminal activity on your property. 

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