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72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo, of Citrus Heights, was named as the suspect arrested in the decades long case. DeAngelo has been identified as a former police officer who worked in Auburn Visalia. June 18, 1976:Rape in Rancho Cordova July 17, 1976: Rape in...

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Steps to Hire a Private Investigator

    Decide what you want the PI to do. Private investigators can track down all kinds of people and information, but their skills will vary. Some are good at following people or digging up information, while others can track down someone or something. Before you start...

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As a student who has attended public school, I thankfully have never had to encounter a situation where there was a need to truly defend ourselves during a school day. Sadly, this has not been the case of many school children. Several of our nation’s schools have been...

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10 Signs They Are Cheating

If you see the following in your relationship, Call the Orlando Private Investigator today. We will Un-Cover the True Facts 1. He strays from his predictable everyday behavior. "My wife knew I was cheating before there was any real evidence. She said should could just...

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