Crime Scene Investigations

When you need to preserve visual evidence, use our photography and videotape services.

Copenhaver & Associates does 35 mm and/or Digital still photography, and Digital  video. We can copy tapes with the same quality as the original. Our video cameras have low light capability and telephoto capability up to 32 power.

Some of the uses of our photography and videotape are:

  • Personal injury cases
  • Traffic accidents
  • Slip and fall
  • Accident reenactment
  • Day in the life
  • Crime scenes
  • Civil disputes
  • Dissolutions
  • Insurance fraud
  • Surveillance
  • Video Depositions
  • Witness statements

The Florida Private Investigations also do video property inventories to protect assets and prevent losses. We can inventory property, assets and valuables, providing one copy of the tape to the property owner and store the other with our evidence tapes in the event of a fire or other loss.

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Copenhaver & Associates provides private investigation, intelligence and surveillance services and operates on a Local, State and National level. Please contact our office for more information or to discuss our Private Investigation services.

Our Firm has over 25 years of investigative experience. Call us today and let us get the True Facts for your matter.

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