Criminal Investigations

Our Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of former Police Detectives, Federal Agents, and Criminal Investigators. By utilizing their knowledge, experience, and tactics, our team can investigate complex criminal matters in an effort to solve your case. Our criminal detectives apply the same investigative techniques law enforcement agencies use and we offer these services to the private sector. 

We have the ability, expertise, and contacts to collaborate with active law enforcement departments to help you find peace of mind.

We all want to believe that if there was an instance where we need the police, they will be there. We want to believe that they will do their job and they will investigate until the person responsible for the crime is brought to justice. We want this to be true but unfortunately it is not always the case. Innocent people are tried, convicted and punished for crimes they did not commit, just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. What can a person do if they are wrongfully accused of a crime? Contact a criminal private investigator to help you clear your name and bring the real criminal to justice.

Why call Copenhaver & Associates?

The police investigations are usually done professionally and thoroughly but the fact remains that these detectives are busy dealing with more than just one case at a time. This means that once a person has been charged with a crime, the investigation stops for the police. They have their suspect in custody and that is the end of it. When you have been wrongfully accused, you need to have somebody on your side. When you hire us, we are on yours.

Our Private Investigators are Trained and experienced in collecting all types of evidence from a crime scene. They will go through all of the evidence collected by the police and run their own independent investigation. Essentially, we conduct the same investigation as the police, but they dig deeper to get the entire story of the crime in question. 

When you find yourself charged or even jailed for a crime that you know you didn’t commit, but the police insist that you are guilty, you need to contact our experienced private investigators. They will conduct their own investigation, reexamine the evidence and if need be, even go to court to back up their findings. Their only goal is to get you back to your life, free of criminal charges