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Private Investigation is the key to every criminal case. Copenhaver & Associates have the  unique skills and techniques necessary to prepare every client to deal effectively with all federal or state criminal prosecutions. Most investigators need specialized knowledge and skills that relate to the type of work their agency performs. For example, IRS investigators are specialists in accounting practices and tax law, while criminal investigators for the Environmental Protection Agency specialize in environmental law and practices.

Our Firm and our Associates are well versed in investigating federal and state crimes for the defense. Our investigators piece together the who, what, where, and why of each case we handle. We collect, examine, and interpret evidence on cases of every imaginable type and scope. Copenhaver & Associates have been involved in many High Profile Criminal cases.

The government has their investigators investigating a range of cases that involve alleged violations of federal law. These are the criminal investigators who work as FBI agents, US Marshall deputies, IRS special agents, DEA agents, and postal inspectors, among others. They examine financial records to solve cases of white-collar crime, monitor court-ordered wiretaps of people suspected of breaking federal law, interview witnesses in cases of drug trafficking, and do undercover work.

The government has their investigators, and you need yours. Just as these federal investigators do, Copenhaver & Associates works for the Defense to do everything from finding and interviewing witnesses, investigating crime scenes to testifying on your behalf.

The investigators at Copenhaver & Associates possess the strong research skills, drive and analytical ability to fit together the pieces of a puzzling case. We use hard hitting teams of investigators that have an extensive working knowledge of human behavior and the criminal justice system. We bring the case home when we are called to testify in Court Copenhaver & Associates is a leading investigating firm in the State of Florida and throughout the United States, specializing in Criminal Defense Investigations for the accused.

We conduct critical investigations in a timely manner on all types of Criminal Cases. As a criminal defense investigator, you need specific knowledge, experience, and skill in order to properly investigate a case from the defense perspective. When Investigating a criminal case, our investigators use state of the art databases, techniques, and equipment to uncover critical information and evidence to defend our clients.. (Read More)



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Our focus is to get your life back while protecting your interests and reputation


When you need to preserve visual evidence, use our photography and videotape services.


Our personnel are selected from various Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Agencies


Homicide has no statute of limitations, whereas other crimes of violence, or non violent


Our Private Investigators have the  unique skills and techniques necessary to prepare every client to deal effectively with all federal or state narcotics prosecutions.


Our investigations in these types of cases have led to many favorable plea negotiations for the clients to include reduced jail and prison sentences, acquittals, and total dismissal of charges prior to trial by prosecuting authorities.


Copenhaver & Associates provides private investigation, intelligence and surveillance services and operates on a Local, State and National level. Please contact our office for more information or to discuss our Private Investigation services.

Our Firm has over 25 years of investigative experience. Call us today and let us get the True Facts for your matter.

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Crime scene evaluation                                                                                 Sketches, Diagrams and Measurements                                                       Witness Interviews
Follow Up and Development of Leads                                                            Police Interviews
Fire/Rescue Ambulance Interviews                                                                 Victim Interviews
Secondary Forensic Evidence Testing                                              Witness/Suspect Location
Polygraph Examinations and Interpretations                                    Background Investigations

Review of all discovery materials                                                       Conducting interviews and searches
Examining records and other evidence                                                     Verifying information to ensure accuracy
Writing complicated reports on findings                                                   Testifying in court
Collecting, evaluating, and analyzing information                                          Dealing with hostile witnesses
Using good judgment in crisis                                                                           Working in a constantly changing environment                                Confidential Informants and Sources      

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