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Financial Crimes isn’t just a Hollywood story, it affects millions of American every day. Whether it is credit card fraud, insurance fraud or an investment fraud, crooks are out to steal your hard earned money and leave youfeeling hopeless and overwhelmed. Local law enforcement is limited in scope in how they investigate financial crimes. In a majority of cases, your case may be investigated by a detective that lacks the proper training to investigate a multi-million dollar loss. Federal agencies are swamped with financial crimes cases. Crooks didn’t wait to steal your investments, and you shouldn’t have to wait to recover them

  • We help our clients uncover the truth.
  • What happened?
  • Who was involved?
  • How did the crime occur?
  • When did key events occur?
  • What caused it?
  • And what strategic, tactical and fundamental steps should be taken – immediately and over time – to close windows of vulnerability?

Copenhaver & Associates provides organizations with assistance in financial and fraud-related investigations. Our investigators specialize in every stage of a case – from initial research into questionable conduct and interviews of key parties to analysis of findings and an evidence-based narrative of the crime. We also liaise with federal, state and regulatory agencies on behalf of our clients. Our investigators have the experience and knowledge to work simple and complex fraud cases. Our experience speaks for itself. Whether you are an investor looking at a new investment and want due diligence performed, a family member who fears a relative is being financially extorted, or the victim of a fraudulent scheme, we are here to help.​ If you or someone you know is a victim of a financial related  crime, call us immediately.

​Phases of a Financial Crime Investigation

Phase I

​Phase I begins once you have signed our contract and provided us all the information regarding the fraud. During this phase, we conduct a thorough background investigation into the individual or company, and conduct our in depth fraud investigation. Once this is complete, we send the packet with all our findings to you for approval. Upon your approval, we forward the information on to the company or individual under investigation, which begins Phase II.

Phase II 

During Phase II, we wait approximately 1 week for a response from the individual or company under investigation. Under most circumstances, we may receive an offer to settle the loss of your investment. In other situations, we may receive no response, or the company or individual may be uncooperative. At this point, we move into Phase III.

Phase III

​We file complaints based on our findings with all the authorities who have jurisdiction over the case. These agencies include the SEC, FINRA, FBI, IRS and local or state agencies. We will work with these agencies to ensure you receive justice.


Copenhaver & Associates provides private investigation, intelligence and surveillance services and operates on a Local, State and National level. Please contact our office for more information or to discuss our Private Investigation services.

Our Firm has over 25 years of investigative experience. Call us today and let us get the True Facts for your matter.

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