Background Checks / Criminal Investigations

Background and criminal investigations allow you to research people you trust in your home. According to statistics, 14% of child abuse cases involve a baby-sitter, nanny or other care giver. With up to 10% of the American population having a criminal background, running criminal and background checks on anyone you trust inside your home just makes sense. Only an investigator can run these sorts of checks thoroughly, accurately, and with every concern for discretion.

Child Custody Investigations

Child custody is a legal term which is sometimes used to describe the legal and practical relationship between a parent and his or her child, such as the right of the parent to make decisions for the child, and the parent’s duty to care for the child. Child custody investigations help to keep your child safe and well-cared for. Reckless driving, alcoholism, drug abuse, physical or mental abuse, exposing a child to danger or an unhealthy environment and/or violating a court ordered agreement are all signs of an unfit parent that can be observed, documented and submitted before the court. If you believe that a parent or guardian is unfit or otherwise incapable of providing proper care for a child, The Orlando Private Investigations can help gather the evidence to substantiate your claim in order for the courts to render a decision regarding child custody.

Child Support Investigations

Child support is defined as the obligation a parent has regarding the care and financial support of children of a relationship that has ended. In 2005, the Federal Office of Child Support Preliminary Statistics concluded that almost $107 billion in unpaid child support is due to nearly 17 million children in the United States. While most state child support enforcement agencies have limited resources for tracking down parents who evade their support obligations, once the offender is located, the agency is capable of responding quickly to collect the debt owed. A child support investigations can help you locate a deadbeat parent and acquiring the information these agencies need in order to initiate the collection process.

Domestic Abuse Investigations

With 2/3 of homes affected by domestic violence as well as it being the #1 cause of emergency room visits by women*, domestic investigations can provide the evidence that women need to face their attackers in court.

Domestic Surveillance

If you suspect that a spouse is cheating, a nanny or babysitter is abusive, an employee is dishonest, or someone is betraying you, domestic surveillance is a safe, legal way to confirm or deny your suspicions. Having handled a wide range cases, The Orlando Private Investigations is well-equipped to conduct surveillance both nationally and globally to provide you with the answers you need to choose the right course of action.

Drug Abuse

Drug screening can help determine whether anyone in your family is abusing drugs. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 3.8% of minors aged 12 to 13 reported use of illegal drugs, and that percentage grows with age. An investigator can assist with a thorough and discreet investigation that gets you answers about what is happening outside the home and/or under your own roof.

Internal Fraud/Theft

A recent Department of Commerce study revealed that 1/3 of all employees steal from their employers. It’s estimated employee theft and dishonesty costs U.S. businesses between $20 billion and $40 billion per year and that 75% of employee-related crimes go undectected by management. Beyond the monetary loss associated with employee theft there is the betrayal of trust, which can also take its toll. Copenhaver & Associates can help protect your firm’s interests by assisting you to identify, eliminate and prevent these issues in the workplace.

Infidelity and Divorce

Divorce investigations and infidelity investigations can help you determine whether your spouse or partner is unfaithful and provide the visual or audio proof you need to confirm or refute your suspicions. Rest assured that private investigators are very discreet about trailing unfaithful spouses. Private investigators deal with hundreds of these cases each year and can help you find out what you need to know.

Missing Persons Investigations

Over 2300 Americans are reported missing each day under various circumstances. Missing persons investigations can help you find deadbeat parents, runaway children, and other members of your family who have disappeared.

National Crime Information Center (NCIC)

There is one “nationwide” criminal database, the FBI database, also known as the NCIC (National Crime Information Center). The FBI database is not public record and cannot be legally accessed by anyone other than criminal justice agencies. This is one of the reasons why when performing a background investigation on a subject, Our Firm will physically hand-search documents in the actual courthouse of record.

Paternity Testing

Biological parent and child locator services help adoptive families find their biological roots. The National Adoption Information Clearinghouse reports that more than 1 million children in the country live with their adoptive parents. In some situations, finding biological parents can critical, such as when an adopted child is in need of their birth family’s medical history.

Pre-Employment Background Checks

It is estimated that 53% of all job applications and resumes include some false or inflated facts. Five percent of professional hires have criminal records. Employee background investigations are commonly used to provide the due diligence required to verify that an individual is being both forthcoming and honest with a prospective employer. Orlando Private Investigations can protect your firm’s interests by revealing the facts a subject may be trying to conceal or inflate.

Sexual Harassment Investigations

In 2006, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received 12,025 charges of sexual harassment, resolved 11,936 cases, and recovered $48.8 million in monetary benefits for charging parties and other aggrieved individuals (not including monetary benefits obtained through litigation). While the majority of sexual harassment complaints come from women, 15.4% of the charges in 2006 were filed by males.

Turning a blind eye to sexual harassment in the workplace can be costly. If an employer suspects that sexual harassment is occurring on its premises or among its employers, it is their legal responsibility to immediately retain unbiased investigators to determine the validity of those suspicions. An employer’s failure to respond could be considered factual proof that the employer failed to provide a safe work environment for its workers, even if the employer has no direct evidence of unwelcome sexual harassment in the workplace.

Stalking / Harassment Investigations

The definition of stalking, as well as the penalty, differs from state to state. Generally a person commits the offense of stalking if he or she makes a credible threat to another person and, in connection with the threat, repeatedly follows that person or repeatedly makes any form of communication with that person or a member of that person’s immediate family, whether or not a conversation occurs. According to Survivors Of Stalking (SOS), an estimated 1.5 million men, women and children are stalked in the U.S. each year. The National Institute of Justice reports that one out of every 12 women and one out of every 20 men will be stalked sometime in their life.

Stalking cases present unique challenges to law enforcement. Due to an offender’s erratic and unpredictible behavior, it can be hard to predict what a stalker will do next or how far they will go. While in many instances a stalker may limit harassment to annoying phone calls, emails, text messages and letters, it is not uncommon for a situation to escalate, into an assault or homicide. The Siroff Group is experienced in handling a wide range of stalking situations and can implement an investigation strategy to provide you with the information you need to catch the offender and/or press charges.

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