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Surveillance Operations

How Surveillance Will WIN Your Case

Surveillance is one of the most important services, our firm offers. When surveillance is deployed and our experienced investigators obtains High Definition “HD” video of the subject matter, this video evidence is never questioned. Remember, Video and Photographs speak the TRUTH. It’s hard for anyone to dispute video surveillance in any Court hearing. If you need Surveillance, Contact Orlando Private Investigations

Surveillance is the process used for monitoring the behavior of people without being seen, noticed or becoming suspicions. Surveillance operations are done for gathering and recording specific information or facts of interest. Covert surveillance operations are usually done from a distance and frequently involve not only visual observation but also electronic equipment such as cameras, microphones and GPS tracking. There are many kind of investigation services that might require surveillance including skip tracing, infidelity and kidnapping investigations.

Video surveillance will WIN your case every time” ~ James Copenhaver, Owner/CEO Copenhaver & Associates, LLC

Why Do I Need Surveillance?

  • To secure much needed evidence in a Criminal-Civil-Family case
  • To prove a spouse is having an Affair
  • To prove a soon to be ex-spouse is spending marital funds on a girlfriend/boyfriend
  • To prove a parent is not treating a child proper during Child visitation
  • To prove if a former business partner is violating a “Non-Compete” contract
  • To prove is you are being Stalked by another
  • To give you a piece of mind

How Our Private Investigators Conduct Surveillance

  • The Orlando Private Investigator will fully identify the target of our surveillance
  • The Orlando Private Investigator will obtain recent photographs of our target
  • The Orlando Private Investigator will identify the targets home and work addresses
  • The Orlando Private Investigator will us an experienced private investigator
  • The Orlando Private Investigator will set up on the location of the target
  • The Orlando Private Investigator will follow covertly and document with video all of the targets activities
  • The Orlando Private Investigator will author a completed report and provide all surveillance video to the client
  • The Orlando Private Investigator will testify in any Court hearing for the case

The Orlando Private Investigations uses the most up to date equipment available. We use only the Best Equipment on our Surveillance cases

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