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Do you need or want to contact a family member, a past lover, a witness, a long lost friend, or a runaway juvenile? The private investigators at Copenhaver & Associates can help you track and locate that missing person. We are not an online database of public records. We will use every available resource to research and find that person you are looking for.

Can’t find a Missing Person


Do you desperately need to find a missing person? Have you hit a wall in your search to find a birth parent, lost love, or runaway child? Let our investigators help put an end to your heartache and frustration. At Copenhaver & Associates Inc., we specialize in locating the whereabouts and contact information of missing persons. We can proudly say that over the past 25 years, we have helped many of our clients locate missing persons.


How Does A Private Investigator Find a Missing Person ?

The reason why private investigators are so successful at finding missing people is twofold. First and foremost, we have access to a multitude of resources that an ordinary person doesnt. For example, we have the unique ability to scour through exclusive databases for clues to a missing persons whereabouts. Second, the thousands of missing persons investigations we have done over the years has given us the experience needed to connect the dots and crack even the most difficult cases.


Missing Person Vs.People Locate Investigations

Missing person investigation and a people locate investigation are similar in that they are both conducted in order to locate the current whereabouts of a missing person. The difference lies in the subject of the investigation, as well as the type of fee that a licensed private investigator will charge.


Missing Persons Investigation:

Usually takes place due to a dire situation, such as when a child runs away from home or a friend or relative suddenly disappears. A licensed private investigator will usually charge an hourly rate for this type of investigation.


People Locate Investigations:
This type of investigation will involve finding a person who has been missing from the clients life for an extended period of time. The element of foul play is rarely present in these types of investigations. Examples include finding birth parents, estranged relatives, long lost loves, debtors, and deadbeat parents. A licensed private investigator will likely charge a flat fee that varies based on the amount of work that needs to be done.

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