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Do not overlook the obvious: GoogleYahoo, and Bing

There are relatively few search engines that people actually use. The top 3 are Google, Yahoo and Bing.

​Putting the name into these search engines may be helpful – especially if the person has a unique name. That said, when the person has a relatively common name, you’re going to be inundated with many results that must be narrowed down. To eliminate irrelevant results, you can make use of the advanced search tools each of these search engines offer. 

About the low cost paid search sites

Many of these sites provide partial or outdated information and there is no expert review or quality assurance with your results. 

This may be fine if it works to find the person you are looking for, but you usually get what you pay for.

When to hire a professional

​Of the people that can’t be found:

* 48% of the time, you will not find your subject. You will need a profession private investigator to find them for you. These are usually specific types of cases such as teen runaways and missing persons.

* 1% of people simply cannot be found, because they are not in the mainstream aAmerica.

Why we encourage you to do your own search:

As the our firm conducts private investigation services, you may ask why we are so forthright to encourage you to do your own searching and reveal the common resources for you to find people on your own.

​The answer is simple: We don’t want to take your money if you can find the person easily.

​Contact Copenhaver & Associates if:

​*Despite your best efforts, you can’t seem to find the person on your own.

​* You don’t have time to do a search yourself.

* You want a professional search performed and reviewed by former Law enforcement Officials.

​If Copenhaver & Associates can’t find them, they won’t be found.

Copenhaver & Associates search almost all types of records:

* Civil records

* Criminal records surveillance experts cheating surveillance

* LLC/FBN records

* Real estate records

* Professional records

* 20-year address history

* Any much more

Search by Former Law Enforcement Officials

You search is performed and reviewed by our network of Former Law Enforcement Officers.

​Our experience eliminates time consuming false leads and helps the quality of your locate case.

Address & phone results:


​Zabasearch allows you to search by name, state and phone number. Results revel phone numbers and addresses. The site requires no sign up. Other results link to low-cost paid service.

50% of the time, you can find them

Email or call (407) 947-6595, for a FREE consultation​

Go Search

Collect basic information

Before attempting to find that person, start by getting as much vital information about the person you are searching for.

The most popular basic information includes:

The persons full name

Birth date and birth place

Social security number

Known residences and addresses

School info

Maiden name – female

Names of parents, siblings, children and grandchildren

Know this

Not all information is online

In an age where information about almost anything we want to know is instantly online for us, its east to think that all records are online or located in some database somewhere. This is not the case.

​There is NO single place, online or elsewhere that will provide you with all the records and info it may take to locate someone.

​Despite the fact tat not all info is online, and in most cases there is enough info online for you to accomplish your goal of locating a person.

The problem with online information is that it is not usually current. But, when you cross reference your sources, you can begin to get rid of the bad information and find solid and current locate information.

 Private Investigator cheating surveillance

Private Investigator Orlando” 

Aggregated paid service:


​Pipl allows you to search by name and city. results consist of aggregate data from public and commercial databases, as well as social media sites. Results usually consist of links to low-cost paid services. There is very little FREE information.

Call us today, (407) 947-6595

Employment history:


Zoominfo is an aggregate of employment and company info that pulls from multiple sources. You can search by name or company

The social media network


​Most people under the age of 60 have a macbook account profile, and it is often the easiest way to connect with lost people. It is increasingly uncommon for profiles to be publicly available.

Before you Start

Before you start your search, make certain you have the accurate expectations, he respect for the person your trying to locate, and that you have done your homework to find some basic information needed for your search.​​

You can find most people on your own. Copenhaver & Associates is always available to help you

Finding people online

The sites listed below give you a mix of free and low-cost results


(407) 947-6595​

​​​​Toll Free (833) 500-0007




Each year our private investigation firm performs thousands of successful locate cases. The most question we always ask clients is what they have done to search on their own. Most people have tried a site Google or Facebook search, but that rarely is the last stop for them.

Why do we ask this? Well, its simple the truth is you can find 50% of people on your own.

When looking for a friend, family member or other, you have close to a 50% chance of finding them on your own. What it takes your ask? Lots of patience and know where to look.

Our Find People On Your Own page, lists a few of the best online sources to use when trying to locate people on your own. Most are free, but like everything else some charge a small fee.

​If however you have a challenging case or can’t find that person on your own, (407) 947-6595 offers you a 50% money-back guarantee on our locate services. If we can’t find them, they won’t be found.​​

We’ve built a solid network of trusted attorneys and other professional – On a Local, State and National level. Call us now and let us earn your trust regarding your investigation ~ James A. Copenhaver

Grouped results:


123people allows you to search by name and provides results that are cleanly grouped into distinct areas: phone numbers, photos, email addresses, blogs, social media, news items, web links, and much more. Some are free and others are not.

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