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The Orlando Private Investigator and Private Investigations in Orlando is the Firm of Copenhaver & Associates Inc. are news contributors as a Law Enforcement experts. The Orlando Private Investigator and his private investigative team make regular appearances on HLN, CNN, Jane Velez Mitchell, CFL News 13, Fox 35, 6 News and other shows, including radio stations in the U.S.

The Orlando Private Investigator has also appeared on I.D. Discovery and Snapped T.V. The Private Investigations Team of Copenhaver & Associates Inc. have appeared on several News stations,speaking about high profile criminal, civil, and mass shootings.

The Orlando Private Investigator has been interviewed on on many high profile cases, George Zimmerman, Casey Anthony, Sandy Hook School killings, Colorado movie shooting suspect James Holmes. More OPI News Links




Private Invesigator Expert for News stories

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