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At Copenhaver & Associates we untangle webs of complex inter-relationships and crack the technology that obfuscates the truth. We review financial reports and public documents, make discreet inquiries and conduct appropriate interviews. We also help lawyers subpoena bank records. Lifestyle information may reveal more than the records do.

  Because records and interviews may not tell us everything, our field investigators take the next step. Surveillance provides a more practical sense of the financial picture in question. Expensive restaurants, shopping sprees and luxury travel can identify a lifestyle inconsistent with known income and assets. Locate assets anywhere in the world. We can pinpoint anything from cash and stocks to real property such as motor vehicles, boats, planes and real estate. Contact Copenhaver & Associate

 Our asset searches help you in:

  • Collection of Judgments and Awards
  • Subrogation of Claims
  • Matrimonial Disputes
  • Embezzlement
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Objections to Trusts and EstateS

What else can an investigator provide to my property 

Under a majority of state laws, a property manager can be held liable if they fail to maintain an safe property. This can include failing to provide security, unsafe equipment (such as stairs, locks or gates) or any other type of issue that can cause harm or damage. Sometimes accidents do happen, but sometimes those accidents can be fraud. The United States estimates over $16 million dollars a year are lost because of fraud. Dont become a victim of unscrupulous tenants or guests. When an accident or liability claim arises on your property, whether its a fire, burglary or vehicle damage/theft, let us do the investigation for you to uncover evidence and save you thousands of dollars.

What if I have an issue that isn’t criminal?

 Tenants are bound by a lease, and in that lease, it stipulates rules that must be followed. When a landlord or property manager rents or sells a property, they do so with the hopes of turning a profit. When you have an unsavory or unkempt tenant living in your property, it degrades the value of your property and puts you at risk of losing an investment ( paying for damages or repairs, eviction costs etc). When a property manager has a suspicion that a tenant is violating a lease, whether it be from subletting (renting out the property to others without permission), running an unauthorized business, or other lease violations, they have the option to take the tenant to court and evict them. In Florida, without clear cut evidence of a tenants wrong doing, a court can over rule an eviction causing the property manager to lose money. Dont let your investment go to waste. Hire an investigator to conduct surveillance and undercover operations to catch the tenant engaging in illegal activity.



Copenhaver & Associates provides private investigation, intelligence and surveillance services and operates on a Local, State and National level. Please contact our office for more information or to discuss our Private Investigation services.

Our Firm has over 25 years of investigative experience. Call us today and let us get the True Facts for your matter.

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