Stalking Investigations

Stalking is not something that just happens to Hollywood stars and athletes. According to the National Stalking Resource Center roughly 1 in 12 women and 1 in 45 men will be stalked in their lifetime.

Stalking is one of those crimes for which a victim needs to build their own case before law enforcement will get involved. Even then cases are sometimes difficult to prove. In some jurisdictions, these cases end up with a victim facing serious physical harm before they are taken seriously.

Here are some ways Copenhaver & Associates Private investigators can help:

  •     Identify the early warning signs of stalking
  •     Help you issue a no contact order
  •    Create a safety plan
  •     Document the stalkers activities and collect evidence – Often it is up to the victim to start the evidence collection to generate a police report and legal      case.
  •     Identify potential vulnerabilities in your surroundings and help identify where your personal information can be found that the stalker may have access to as well.
  •     Assess your technology use and create strategies for minimizing personal data online
  •     Conduct a background investigations to see prior behavior and possible criminal history