Trademark and Brand Investigations

The Orlando Private Investigator has successfully helped to protect brands through innovative and smart investigations throughout the world. The areas of greatest strength are as follows:

Gray Market Undercover Buys (Online and Brick & Mortar) – Globally and throughout the US – Fast, professional, discreet and filled with added value Counterfeit (Online and Brick & Mortar stores) – Globally and throughout the US – Fast, professional and filled with added value
Prior Use Investigations (using proprietary technology, sources, contacts, advanced research skills and public source data)

Due Diligence Investigations (throughout the world) – Discreetly and timely secure hard-to-gather intelligence on people, businesses and business practices to help your business team make informed decisions

We work with many major luxury goods brands and law firms throughout North America and globally.

Sample report and references available upon request.

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