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Traveling Affairs

  • Is you’re Husband or Wife coming to Orlando for a conference, and may be cheating?
  • Are they Traveling for a business trip and working? 
  • Or are they Traveling for a business trip for both work and play?



Being in Private Investigations for many years, we have seen both. When your spouse Travels often provides the cheating spouse with a perfect cover for an extramarital affair. Business travel is one of the most common settings for infidelity and fooling around even if you are happily married. An out-of-town trip allows a cheating spouse to relax and not have to worry about being seen by friend or family. In many cases, expenses can be “hidden” using a company credit card or listed as general expenses on an expense report.


If a spouse travels frequently for work, there is very good case for questioning their activities. This situation creates the perfect atmosphere for a traveling affair. A cheating husband or wife who travels frequently can easily invent a business trip that doesn’t exist. So if the travel becomes more frequent, that should be a red flag.


A cheating wife or husband can easily stay an extra day before or after an actual business trip so they can spend more time with their new lover.

Did you use to accompany your spouse on their business trips, but now are no longer asked? Does your wife no longer asked for a ride to or from the airport? Is it possible that your husband is traveling with someone they doesn’t want you to see?

Traveling affairs are not always easy to track and require the professional help of a Private Investigator. We can follow your spouse on their next business trip or local trip to a convention center and get you the answers you need. Contact The Orlando Private Investigator today for details.



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