Trust - Honor - Pride

If you are asking yourself now why you should hire a private investigator, here are a few compelling and legitimate reasons why you should:


1. It’s much safer.

Many private investigators, ourselves included, are former police officers very familiar with police procedure, self-defense, and investigative techniques. These skills are obtained through years of experience and cannot be duplicated or learnt overnight. Inexperienced people on the other hand, will simply blow their cover early in the investigation, especially with their emotional stake in the whole affair – emotions that can lead to rash conclusions and hasty actions, which often lead to disaster and tragedy. You never know if a subject you are investigating has some criminal experience or at least moves around in unsafe circles and places – not trusting a professional to do it puts your wellbeing at serious and needless risk.

2. A large network of contacts.

Private investigators have a network of contacts and are experienced navigating through the different parts of the city or even nearby regions. From posh suburbs to dingy back alleys, the PI can blend in and there is always somebody he or she knows that can provide important information.

3. State of the art equipment.

To augment his skills, a private investigator is armed with and skilled at the use of a variety of state of the art equipment and software such as GPS real time trackingdevices, surveillance cameras, computer and mobile phone monitoring software. This will aid him in getting the information he or she needs to get leads for the resolution of the case.

4. They know the law.

Unlike regular people, private investigators are knowledgeable about the law, and know what things to look for to aid you secure prosecution for example, a business associate who’s been skimming off your books. PIs know which things aid court proceedings and is well-versed in gathering evidence.

5. They have time.

Unless you want to quit your job, investigations take up a lot of time. It will be difficult for you, to say the least, if you try to do you day job and your investigation at the same time. Understand that investigations are a fluid process – you can’t ask events to happen when it’s convenient for you to do so.

As long as the private investigation company you are hiring is legitimate and trustworthy, you don’t need to worry about anything. Reputable private investigation agencies like ours guarantee discreetness. All the stories you may have read here are either examples to illustrate a modus operandi or have secured permission from the people involved who want to help others by having them learn from their experiences. It’s best to know the truth, and finding out the truth is what we are all about.

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